Summary of Rules and Regulations

Homeowners Association
P.O. Box 4063 – Auburn, CA 95604-4063
530 823-9551

The owner shall at all times be responsible for the compliance of his tenants or lessee with all of the provisions of the By-Laws and the Association’s regulations during the tenants’/lessee’s occupancy and use of the unit. (Article II Section 3)

The Common Area is the entire properties other than the units.  The specific and primary purpose of the Association is to repair, maintain, and manage the Common Area. (Article I Section 3)

Failure to Honor the Regulations and/or By-Laws by a resident:  The Association can impose fines, penalties or an unlawful detainer action (eviction).  The Association is a third party beneficiary of any lease agreement involving a condominium within the properties.  (Article II Section 3)

Modification of the Properties:  any change to the building exterior or interior surfaces or landscaping must be approved by the Board of Directors.  Each Owner shall have complete discretion as to the interior decorating of the unit.  (Article X Section13)

Garages are for the parking of automobiles, pick-up and motorcycles only.  No Mobile homes, recreational vehicles, trailers, boats, or trucks larger that ¾ ton shall be parked in the garages or on the apron.  No dilapidated vehicle shall be stored on the properties.  Under no circumstance shall an occupant cause to openly accumulate unsecured papers, Boxes fixtures, furnishing, rags, oil, appliances, or any other items within the garage, or other common areas.  Barbecue units, collapsible outdoor chairs and a few horticulture supplies are permitted.  (Article X Section 14)

No vehicle repairs are permitted anywhere on the properties. (Article X Section 7)

Park your vehicle in a manner that does not interfere with others use of their assigned area of the garage or their access to it.  Do not park in front of the trash enclosure, or the sidewalks, or on the lawns.  Vehicles in violation are subject to being towed away at he owner’s expense. (Article X section 14)

Balconies and walkways are to remain unencumbered at all times.  The Homeowner is responsible for the cleanliness of the area adjoining his unit.  Overstuffed and other wise inappropriate furnishings, or items whose appearance is detrimental to the value of the properties are not permitted at any time.  Items of clothing or utility may not be hung or draped for any purpose on the common area.  (Article X Section 20)

Window screens, windows, screen doors, and appliances in the units are the responsibility of each owner and must be repaired immediately when damaged or broken.  All units must be maintained in a clean, sanitary and attractive condition.

(Article X Section 5)

Trash containers must be provided by each individual owner for their unit.  Trash and other waste shall be kept in a covered container at all times.  Do not use paper sacks or your neighbor’s container for your garbage. (Article X section 10)

Dogs and cats are prohibited.  The By-Laws of the Association were amended to prohibit the keeping of dogs and cats on the properties.  One common household pet, other than dogs and cats, may be kept in each unit.  No pet can be kept in any common area.  The Resident is responsible for the compliance of all visiting pets to the By-Laws and for the prompt disposal of pet waste.  The Association may prohibit the maintenance of any animal that constitutes a nuisance.  (Article X Section 8)

Laundry Rooms are to be used between 7AM and 10PM. It is the responsibility of the residents to keep the laundry clean and orderly.  Keeping the door closed and locked will help keep it clean, safe, and prevent the wind from blowing out the pilot on the water heater.

No offensive conduct shall be carried on, or within the properties.  Nothing shall be done on or within the properties that may be or may become an annoyance or nuisance to the residents of the properties, or that in any way interferes with the quiet enjoyment of the occupants of condominiums. (Article X section 7)

Questions and inquires may be made by calling or writing the Association.  This is a summary, for information only, and is not meant to replace or amend the First Restated Declaration of Restrictions and Restated By-Laws.